Structural Stonemasonry comprises a small but dedicated team of dedicated people passionate about working with stone. We are highly experienced in all aspects of both solid stone construction and restoration.


Mathew Carneiro

Mathew began his career with stone overseas while living in Spain. He continued working overseas gaining further experience in this field in Ireland before returning to Australia in 2000. Since then Mathew has worked on many types of stone buildings and structures in both Sydney and Adelaide and in 2010 re-branded his already successful business Structural Stonemasonry. Not only is Mathew a highly skilled and knowledgable stonemason, he is passionate about achieving the best possible result for his clients every time. He is driven by the infinite possibilities that working with stone can offer and is continually searching for the best result for his clients.


Rick Wheatley

Rick has been a stonemason for seven years and started out as a labourer for three stonemasons. He is passionate about working with stone and this shows in his attitude towards work and his attention to detail. He enjoys working with any type of stone and is competant and reliable in all aspects of solid stone construction and restoration. Rick's experience spans many restoration projects within South Australia. His ability and passion for what he does means that he looks forward to the challenge that every new project brings. Rick is looking forward to working on unique and one-off projects in stone both in Australia and one day travelling to Europe to broaden his skills and knowledge in stonemasonry.